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The Business Model Canvas is a template, in the form of a visual chart, which can be used to document a business's strategic management plan.

It is a useful tool in illustrating a firm's activities, versus potential trade-offs. The chart is visually compelling, while simply describing a firms value proposition, infrastructure, customers, and finances. Since its originally release, the Business Model Canvas has been prepared for specific niches, such as the Lean Canvas, designed for entrepreneurs. The Business Model Canvas has applications across the spectrum of business owners. The following is a discussion of an online marketing plan using the Canvas method. The hallmark of a successful retail business is in its use of technology. What point of sale system you are using, whether you and your employees are IT efficient or not and finally, if you are selling online through an integrated process. Use of technology in the retail business is a necessity these days so that you can augment your sales and remain ahead in the completion all through the year.

Microsoft Retail management system is one such application that can take your business to places and to give new wings to your retail business, you may go for a Microsoft dynamics RMS cart application.

E- commerce centralizes business process that leads to faster, accurate and up to date data processing. For instance, once the companies cater order from customer via organizations website, the order taken out will be automatically recorded: update inventory with the latest available stocks, create invoice then manage payments. This process will only take a very short period of time as compare to traditional way of business process. Then delivery of orders is taken right afterwards. The strategic benefits of making the business e- commerce enabled is that it helps reduce the delivery time, labor cost and cost incurred most in the common areas: document preparation, error detection, mail preparation, telephone calling, data entry, overtime, supervision expenses. These tasks are included for the task to automatically perform by the e- commerce system.

Because e-commerce is done online, companies do not have to spend for advertising since technically the Internet is widely user-owned and user-oriented. No governing body solely owns it and therefore no one can charge to post online advertisements on the Internet. This can be quite beneficial for businesses since TV and publication advertisements are quite costly. On occasion however, companies may need to spend for e-mail brokers who give e-mail lists of a particular target market. This aside though, everything else is technically free.

The average internet user can be placed into two broad categories - those who know exactly what they're looking for, and those who want to replicate the real-world shopping experience of browsing and considering their options. Your ecommerce site needs to cater for one or the other.

If you stock a variety of things, make sure that it's obvious on the landing page. This will appeal to the user with time to check things out at their leisure. Conversely, if you offer a specialist product or service, make it clear that you're an expert in what you do. Remember, you will be judged on your landing page so set up shop - are you a jack of all trades or a specialist niche store.

Content Publishing/Services merupakan situs web yang menyediakan pelayanan isi situs berupa search engines, berbagai informasi tentang daerah atau hiburan, atau membantu memberikan informasi tentang informasi saham, dan sebagainya Contoh content publishing/services ini adalah Yahoo!, Altavista,Excite, CNET, ESPN sprotszone, dan lainnya. Content Publishing ini tentu sangat mahal untuk dibangun oleh perusahaan kecil menengah. Namun demikian perusahaan kecil menengah dapat memanfaatkan dengan menempatkan situsnya di search engines tersebut sehingga pengguna internet dapat dengan mudah menemukan alamat perusahaan kita.