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The Internet has been used as a vehicle for the payment of goods and services online since the mid 1980s, but only really took off in the 1990s when more online commercial applications and services began showing up. Perry4Law conducted a techno legal audit of various fantasy sports websites operating in India and we found the same problems with them as have been discussed above.

Almost all of these fantasy sports websites have used a single cut-copy-paste criteria when it comes to techno legal compliances and drafting of legal documents of the websites. Clearly, these online fantasy sports websites are violating the laws of India and they may be prosecuted very soon. Those using mobile applications can also be prosecuted if they fail to comply with techno legal regulatory norms of India.

Imagine having a website that is not only dedicated to advanced your online visibility, but is also designed to be your own web store. Yep, you heard it right, the selling of your book will happen on your very own website! The benefits of eCommerce like its around-the-clock availability, the wide opportunity of your book for your readers, the speed and easy accessibility, plus the international reach will be on your hands. You will be able to operate your book marketing and your book selling online. Remember that eCommerce is faster, cheaper, and more convenient than the traditional methods of selling books. Once your prospect readers can see that you are a one stop shop when it comes to their book needs, words of mouth about you will spread thus, will triumph your marketing strategy.

As an author, you need to adapt to technological developments, because it is through these advancements that you can gain your fulfillment as a writer and you can reach your book's success.

Not that long ago, if you wanted to buy a product, it had to be readily available in your area. In order to purchase the product, you had to travel to the physical location of the store, or call a catalogue distribution outlet, during operating hours.
This system for commerce was limited by time and space factors. A very powerful feature of the internet is its ubiquity. It liberates the market from being restricted to a physical space. In today hyper competitive market, companies that offer products and services online can capture consumers at anytime of the day, increasing sales as a result. Without ubiquity, making a sale at 3 a.m. was impossible without incurring the personnel expense of a 24 hour operational format. So, e-commerce gives many benefits to the customer as well as to the online merchant.

A third party payment processor has its own merchant account and payment gateway that it allows other individuals and companies to use. Virtually anyone can sign up and use these facilities. The third party processor makes its money by taking a slice of each transaction that's processed.
As your sales increase, a merchant account will generally become the more cost effective solution, so it is quite common for a business to start off using a 3rd party processor and then move to a merchant account and gateway when sale volumes increase. The merchant also has greater protection and control when he operates his own merchant account, whereas the 3rd party payment processors largely operate as a law unto themselves.

Now all the business companies post the advertisements of job placement in their companies so that anyone who found it suitable can join them or try for it. In the past, it was a time taking process for any brand to make its reputation in the market. But now things have changed and many of the companies have made its reputation and name of their company among people through the internet technology in a very short span of time. Internet share the whole information about the company which a customer wants to know before placing the order and this seems easy for the suppliers also.